The underwear manufacturing process involves many steps and decisions that affect the environment and us humans. That's why MÄHÖNE strives to design and manufacture underwear responsibly and to ensure that every step of the production chain contributes to our goal of sustainable and ethical practices.

Designed in Finland, manufactured in Thailand

All our products are carefully and professionally designed in Finland. This is important to us because we want to ensure that our underwear is made with quality, sustainability and practicality in mind. Our underwear is designed to be timeless and trend-free, which helps minimise our environmental impact.

We want to be honest and transparent, because our amazing customers deserve that. Our main factory is in Thailand and we've relied on it for over 12 years to make The Original underwear. The choice is based on a number of factors, but the most important is the factory's ability to meet our stringent quality standards and enable us to produce underwear at competitive prices.

Mähöne goes woods underwear collection is made in the EU.


Certificates as a sign of quality

Reliability and transparency are important values for us. That's why our garment factories provide us with production-related certificates, such as Thai Corporate Social Responsibility. This certificate, issued by the local Ministry of Labour, shows that the factory complies with local labour laws and takes care of its workers.

The Certificate of Origin guarantees the authenticity of the country of origin and the high quality of our products.

Our fabric manufacturer holds the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol certificate, which has set a new standard for sustainable cotton production. The programme is based on continuous data collection and reporting on six key sustainability indicators, enabling continuous improvement in production.

The textile manufacturer also holds the Swiss OEKO-TEX 100 certification. This means that the materials used to make the fabric do not contain harmful substances such as pesticide residues or heavy metals. The materials also meet high environmental and health standards.


Ecological underwear made of high quality materials

Being environmentally friendly is an important value for Mähönen. We use ethically produced fibres and recycled materials wherever possible and where it makes sense for the product and the user.

For example, the quality of recycled cotton is generally lower than that of new cotton and its production is still limited. This is another reason why we mainly use virgin cotton in our underwear. Choosing high quality materials that are fit for purpose and carefully manufacturing the product will prolong the life of the product, making underwear a sustainable and responsible choice.

High-quality cotton comes from US farms that operate ethically, both for the environment and for the farmers and other people affected by their operations. We can be sure of this because the US Trust Protocol is the first programme in the world to offer full supply chain transparency thanks to continuous data collection and field-validated information.

October 11, 2023

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