Men's Underwear in Large Sizes XXL - 10XL

These underpants are the perfect choice for those who value supreme quality and comfort. Large men's underwear fits snugly yet extremely comfortably, without any chafing, twisting, or squeezing. In these larger underpants, we have increased not only the hip and waist width but also the leg openings to ensure they fit perfectly to the body without tightening in the wrong places. Thanks to precisely chosen cuts and unnoticeable seams, the soft and stretchy fabric also comfortably follows the body's contours in just the right way, feeling and looking great when worn.

Our men's underwear range includes sizes up to 10XL. And like all our underwear, these large underpants are carefully designed with professionalism, with quality as the top priority. They are also made from extra soft cotton-elastane fabric, with a firm yet stretchy elastane waistband. The lightweight and breathable briefs offer just the right amount of stretch, maintaining their shape even with heavy use and repeated washing. Cotton is a highly durable natural fiber that retains its properties for a long time, especially when the garment is of prime quality as ours is.

However, the best possible fit and quality are not enough, so we also offer men's underwear in distinctive shades that are not just ordinary.

Browse our selection of large underpants easily above, but think twice before buying – because after this, you likely won’t ever want to wear any other briefs again.

Large Underwear for Men – 100% Fit Guarantee

To comfortably wear larger sized underwear day after day, the right fit is crucial. That’s why we offer a 100% fit guarantee for briefs purchased from our online store. If you are not satisfied with the fit of the underwear you ordered, we will send you another size free of charge. Our fit guarantee is valid for men's, women's, and children's briefs.

To find the right size, check out our men's size guide.

How to Extend the Life of Your Underwear

To keep your underwear looking new and lasting as long as possible, it must be handled correctly. To prevent mixing colors and fading, first separate the underwear by color (light, dark, and colorful) and wash them separately at 40 degrees Celsius. Washing at cooler temperatures does not effectively remove bacteria and dirt, but higher temperatures can damage or shrink the fabric.

If you are not interested in large underwear, explore our entire men's range here.