Long Johns

First boxer designed by Iivo Niskanen is here. The Black/Yellow cotton boxer is inspired by old NHL uniforms and jerseys from Savo.

Every day starts with underwear

Start your day with a pair of comfortable quality underwear and you start your day with a smile. Mähöne underwear holds your manhood securely in place in everyday strolling and in the midst of action. Even when things get tough.

Mähöne Brothers

Underwear for every day of your life

Mähöne is a Finnish underwear company, that was founded by three childhood friends from Helsinki. It all started with a foggy idea, which after years of mistakes and attempts has developed into a professional skill and passion for making underwear suitable for all situations in life.

Our philosophy in manufacturing boxers is primarily based on quality. Our goal is to make the best underwear in the world and we have been moving towards this goal since 2010.