Fit Guarantee

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100% Fit Guarantee

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

MÄHÖNE offers a 100% fit guarantee for all products. You can exchange one pair of tried-on underwear for another size free of charge if they don't feel right on your legs. Exchange for other products is also possible if the packages are unopened.

Use our size guide to choose the right size, and we can be confident that the boxers will fit you comfortably.

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Replacements and Returns

Replace the Product Free of Charge

If you would like to change the size of your men's, women's, or children's underwear, please contact us at

Please note that you can only exchange and return products that are in their original condition, with the paper packaging still sealed with the security sticker. In accordance with the fit guarantee, we also accept one pair of tried-on underwear.

MÄHÖNE wants to provide every customer with the best possible underwear and the best possible experience, which is why we ask you to only exchange or return products in a condition that we can happily continue to offer to our customers.

Our 100% Fit Guarantee on boxers and all underwear means that you will not be charged for the replacement of a product. However, in the case of a refunds, you are responsible for the cost of shipping. For details of our refund policy, click here.

Harrikka ja Mustat Kalsarit

Towards the world's best underwear

Our goal is to make the best underwear in the world that will impress everyone with style, comfort, and fit. With different collections, you can easily find the best option for you and buy the best underwear for all situations in life.

Choose the collection to suit your preferences and needs: MÄHÖNE Original, Woods, or the soon-launching Teknik. Our Original collection includes extremely soft, nearly 100% pure cotton underwear, while Woods is an eco-friendly collection combining wood fibre and cotton. Yes, we said nearly 100% pure cotton, because a few inches must be left for a snug but comfy and essential elastic band.

A 100% Fit Guarantee ensures a perfect fit, every time.

Mähöne Sinipunaiset Kalsarit
Social Responsibility and Sustainability

100% Fit Guarantee Is Just Part of Our Promise

We are committed to delivering only the best quality and service to our fantastic customers. Free product exchanges are only part of this promise.

Everyone making our underwear business possible is of the utmost importance to us, and we strive to ensure the well-being of the people in our supply chain and the planet we inhabit. We also want to be open and transparent with our customers about what we do and how we do it, which is what you guys deserve.

Our underwear is designed in Finland. The primary material being used, cotton is produced sustainably on US plantations that balance farmers' incomes, living conditions, and environmental responsibility. The majority of our underwear is made in Thailand, the Woods collection in Europe. We have tried to choose only producers who provide safe and standard conditions for workers. Child labour is strictly prohibited.