Choose brown

An ode to Brown.

Seventeen years ago – when we first had our idea of ​​making underwear – brown was our first choice of colour.

Besides the obvious reason, there was another one.

Brown was the underdog of colors – theleast-likedd color in the US and Western Europe. It probably still is.

Why was that?

Was it because Brown used to be a color for poor people for centuries? Or was it because people don't like rustic and plain?

But it was also a color of rich soil and humility. That should be worth something.

Did you know that brown was the first color created for painting. Among many others, Rembrandt chose to paint with it. A lot. And Leonardo da Vinci chose it for writing and drawing.

Brown is what you call a composite color. You get brown when you mix blue, yellow and red. Or red, black and yellow. You could even argue that brown is what you get when you combine all the colors. Or at least most of them.

To us Brown doesn't separate, but it expands the box. It doesn't matter who you are, who you like or what you look like, brown is your colour. It's Everybody's colour.

Choose brown!