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Men's Boxers - Brown/Yellow
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Men's Boxers - Blue/White
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Men's Boxers - Black
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Men's boxers in big sizes XXL - 10XL

MÄHÖNE is the perfect choice for those who demand quality and maximum comfort from men's boxers. The bigger size underwear fits snugly, but extremely comfortably, without twisting or squeezing anywhere. Thanks to their carefully selected cuts and discreet seams, MÄHÖNE follows the body from the right places, feeling more comfortable than any other underwear you've tried. The wide, elastic and rough (yet comfortable) waistband prevents slipping and any kind of excess rotation, which completes the good fit of the boxers.

Big men's boxers are designed and manufactured with careful passion and professionalism, with quality as the top priority. In addition to increasing the width of the hips and waist, we have also enlarged the leg opening in larger size underwear. This way, the underwear fits perfectly even on a bigger body and they won't stretch unnecessarily. They are available in sizes up to 10XL. The boxers are made from extra soft and sustainably produced American cotton and elastane ribbon. They not only feel and look good, but also provide flexibility, breathability and durability even when the going gets tough. As a Finnish underwear company, we have decided to offer only the best and have not settled for just ordinary colors. Our selection includes big men's boxers in unique, unconventional shades that cannot be found from other manufacturers. Of course, classic black is also available. The style and perfect fit make Mähöset a great addition to your wardrobe and an absolute requirement when you want extremely comfortable boxers that you don't even realize you're wearing. Check out our selection and let Mähöset convince you!

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Big men's boxers with 100% fit guarantee

In order for you to wear your new Mähöset comfortably all day long, the right fit is crucial. That's why MÄHÖNE offers a full 100% fit guarantee for all products purchased from our online store. We will send you another size free of charge if you are not satisfied with the fit of the underwear you ordered. The guarantee applies not only to men's boxers and underwear, but also to other clothing.

To find the right fit, check out our size guide.

How to make the underwear last longer

To keep your underwear looking like new for longer and lasting longer in use, it should be handled properly. To avoid fading and color mixing, first separate the underwear by color (light, dark, and colorful). Then wash them separately from each other at 40 degrees Celsius. A wash cycle below 40 degrees Celsius does not remove bacteria and dirt as effectively, and washing above 40 degrees Celsius can shrink and damage the boxers...